Dr. Seema Siddiqui is an outstanding dentist who has provided exceptional dental care for me and my family. 
Dr. Siddiqui and her staff are friendly, and welcoming, and make us feel comfortable every time we visit. She is very patient and takes the time to explain each procedure to my children so they understand what's going on. She also provides them with tips on how to improve their dental hygiene, such as proper brushing and flossing techniques.
During our appointments, Dr. Siddiqui is very thorough and takes great care to ensure that all of our dental needs are met. She is also very gentle and makes sure that my children are comfortable throughout their exams and cleanings. We appreciate her focus on preventative care, and she always provides us with helpful tips to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
One thing that stands out to us is how Dr. Siddiqui goes above and beyond to make our visits enjoyable. She has a great sense of humor and is always able to put my kids at ease. This helps to make dental visits less intimidating for them and more enjoyable overall.
Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Seema Siddiqui to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate dentist who is great with kids. Her dedication to preventative care and patient education is truly commendable, and we look forward to continuing to see her for our dental needs.

Humera R.

I had a great experience at Oakridge Smiles. Dr. Siddiqui is an AMAZING dentist and is very professional. She took the time to explain everything in detail along with pictures. She is very gentle and caring. I highly recommend her.

Moe H.Patient

I had a great experience at Oakridge Smiles. Dr. Siddiqui was very attentive and listened to my concerns. She was very thorough with her explanation of my treatment. Being able to watch Netflix while getting dental work done was definitely a big plus.

Amy C.Patient

I no longer dread going to the dentist, but quite enjoy my interactions and learning about what I can do to be more proactive with my dental hygiene. I found them on groupon awhile ago and so happy I did. Their staff is very friendly and informative, they go out of their way to explain what they are doing and what the next steps are and never make me feel bad about my dental hygiene or lack there of sometimes.
They are always accommodating when I need to re-schedule and send me text and email reminders which is very helpful.
I highly recommend them if you are in need of a new friendly dentist in the San Jose area.

Linda N.Patient

Dr. Advani was thorough, friendly and explained everything she was doing in detail. Her facility was very clean and definitely had state of the art equipment. I felt comfortable in her hands and would recommend her to anyone!


Yesterday I had my first visit at Oakridge Smiles and I must say I was quite impressed. First of all, the office was absolutely beautiful - I've never seen such a well designed and decorated office. I was also quite surprised to see that they had chairs that give you a massage while you have your exam. You can even watch TV while you're getting your teeth cleaned! I never knew dental offices even had these things. The best part was definitely the friendly staff though. The exam was quite thorough and gentle. Doctor Priti took the time to explain everything so patiently. They really live up to their name. =)

Robert M.Patient

I really appreciate Dr. Advani's flexability as I work and travel far from home. She made it possible for both my husband and I to be seen at the same time which made was fantastic as I only needed a babysitter once. I highly recommend this practice for it's state of the art equipment and it's friendly staff.

Wendy R.Patient

At first like always, I was expecting my visit to the denist to be uncomfortable and I wasn's looking forward to having any work done. I have to express that from the very moment I stepped into Dr. Pritti Advanis Dental Practice I was greeted with a warm and relaxing welcome. I rarely like going to the denist, but for the first time I was able to relax and actually not feel any pain while Dr. Advani did my treatment. I was just as impressed with the cost of all my treatment and X-Rays. I enjoyed having this dentist so much I made my second appt. before I left that day. I returned seven days later, and I was elated to find the same expierence as the first time. Any one who is looking for a new Dentist this is the one you should try! After my second appt I was given an Oral B Pro Health electric toothbrush with all kids of other goodies in the gift bag for becoming a new patient. I never thought I would say this about a Dentist, but I can't get enough done fast enough on my teeth. I have avoided the dentist in a long time but now that I have found one that makes each expierence better than the fist that has changed. I recently made appointments for my children to be seen as well. I recommend Dr Pritti Advani to anyone who is in need of Treatment while being able to afford it in this economy. She is running many special offers and makes it easy for anyone who is feeling the effects of our tanked economy. Respectfully, Rena Salomon "The Angel In A Hummer"

Rena S.Patient

Wow a high tech office with a great personal touch. I love being able to see my teeth on the screen and understand what was going on. But i could also just relax and enjoy the massage chair... Bonus!

Gina H.Patient

All my expectations were exceeded! I love the office, friendly staff, state of the art equipment, and the Dr. was able to find problem areas and recommend treatments my prior dentist did not discover or discuss...

Louis L.Patient

Very nice facilities and the staff are very professional.


The doctor was very gentle. Very through, took her time, was in no hurry. Office was excellent. State of the art equipment.


I was really impressed with this place, I have been to many dentists in the bay area, and think I have finally found one to stick with. Comfortable environment and friendly staff.

Marta G.Patient

Dr.Priti has a very clean and impressive set up. She is very friendly and explains everything before operating. She is one of the best dentist's I've ever been to.

Smiti S.Patient

Dr.Priti Advani's office is truly recommendable if you want quick, hassle free and PAINLESS service! First, making appt is so easy that the Dr.Priti's even willing to bend her schedule just for you to get in. They got this text reminder thing for people like me who don't usually answer phone calls. Second, I like how they planned my treatments, from which should've prioritized first and thoroughly explained to me everything she does to my teeth. My unforgettable part was when she painlessly extract my wisdom tooth that Ive been dreaded to remove for years. They even fax or called over my prescription to my pharmacy for easy pick up right before my procedure. How's that! Asking about my recovery? Well, I only ate the next day, the whole experience was flawless. It was indistinguishable when she did my crown replacement too, painless. I can't thank her enough for doing such an exceptional job! Thank you Gale for introducing Dr.Priti to my family, will see you guys soon!

Maria P.Patient

I was very pleased with my entire experience at Oakridge Smiles! Fitting Dentist appointments in our busy schedule has always been challenging but Oakridge Smiles was able to give us three back to back appointments on a Saturday afternoon. Everything about the visit was perfect. It was my youngest, (5), first visit to the dentist and they made her feel comfortable and she did great. My 7 year old even got a little scared when the Dentist was cleaning his teeth, but she calmed him down with ease. This practice is state of the art, clean and has a lot of extras including flat screens to watch while the dentist is working on your teeth. The kids really liked this. I would recommend this dentist to all my friends and family.

Elizabeth G.Patient

It was efficient service. I did not wait long to be seen. They did not tell me the prices for the crown and fillings even though they told me to get them. I thought that was odd they did not tell me.


Fine service, very efficient and I like the flat screen.


Dr. Priti Advani took time to listen and diagnose my problems. I felt very comfortable with her decision of what she would do next. Before I went to see Dr. Advani, I called multiple root canal specialists. They all wanted to do a root canal job in the same day at the first appointment without thinking of other alternatives. Dr. Advani's priority was saving my tooth and not to do root canal job in the first visit. She ground down a little bit the tooth with pain to change the bite pressure since it was contacting the most. This may save my tooth. Her attitude was not making money but caring about patients.

Yuko K.Patient

Dr. Advani did a very thorough exam and diagnosis of all my dental needs. I met her when I had a dental emergency and was so pleased that I am continuing to use her from now on. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Her attitude is that she wouldn't use anything on her patient that she wouldn't use on herself.

Cindy L.Patient

The dentist did a very thorough job cleaning my teeth and she took the time to explain to me very thoroughly what's going on with my teeth. would definitely recommend this place to others.


It is always a pleasant experience!

Destini R.Patient

I am a happy camper after just one visit with Dr. Advani. I left with the same amount of teeth that I went in with and that is always a good thing...and...they were brighter and less painful. As a matter of fact, I had no pain whatsoever during the whole process. The receptionist/hygienist, Myra, was very cool and she stayed very much on top of things and kept the process moving nicely. Dr. Advani is a true professional and I felt, and still do, that the Doc knows what she's doing and can solve any and all problems. I have already moved my entire family from our old dentist over to Oakridge Smiles. Highly recommended.

Kevin K.Patient

Great service, great staff, great office.


I was really happy with Dr. Advani. She was very polite and her staff was very friendly. She made me very comfortable.

Sharon B.Patient

It was a great experience. Dr. Advani was great and very friendly staff. I was very comfortable. I am looking forward to go to my next appointment.

Tarun B.Patient

Very happy with my visits. Doctor explained me everything in detail and was very honest about the procedure. thanks

Saba J.Patient

Dr Advani took me in right away. I was very scared I was going to lose my front tooth and it would cost me thousands of dollars to have it fixed. She rescued my tooth and no one can even tell there was a problem!!!

Dave C.Patient
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